Telephone support for vaccination centers and health authorities

  • 5. December 2020
  • Support

"Don't call us – we call you" - if this statement would be the norm, we would not currently have any overloaded telephone hotlines. In order to make it through this pandemic, we need to help each other. We, Business Service Solution GmbH from Fürth, make our contribution by offering our call center services as telephone support for vaccination centers and health authorities.

What advantages does working with us have?

For example, our specialized employees take incoming calls, support the registration of people willing to be vaccinated and answer specific questions from citizens. In addition, you will receive daily system-based evaluations regarding all relevant information about our services. This way we ensure a WIN-WIN situation for all. During this pandemic, everyday life is exhausting enough. Let us help.

About us

We are a highly dynamic service company that relies on digital and innovative solutions. We work with in-house developed system-based solutions for sales and CRM processes. Since 2012, we have established ourselves nationwide as a successful service provider and contact for products and services requiring explanation.

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