International Women's Day

  • 8. March 2021
  • Generations Equality

Generations Equality – Celebrating Women in Business

Happy International Women’s Week! On Monday the International Women’s Day has been celebrated and in 2021, which marks the 110th International Women’s Day, women all over the world face new challenges in light of the global pandemic. Celebrating women today means empowering them and working towards gender equality.

The International Women’s Day, stands for recognizing the achievements of women. Not to mention, all the progress that has been made regarding gender equality. However, it also serves as a reminder of all the work that still needs to be done: the fight against discrimination and the closing of the income gap between men and women.

In 2021 in particular, there are many areas that still need to be discussed.

The effects of the global Covid-19 pandemic have severely affected everyone’s day-to-day living and working and, for the foreseeable future, the pandemic will still have a significant impact. Unfortunately, these developments have especially had a negatively effect on women and their economic and socio-economic situation. For example, the closing of daycare centers, kindergartens and schools has meant significant changes for parents as one of them was forced to stay at home to look after the children at home. Unfortunately, this has disproportionally mostly affected women, leading to an increase in female unemployment rates, which have been faster than ever before.

Overall, women are more vulnerable to COVID-19 and its economic effects due to the existing gender inequalities.

In light of the International Women’s Day and given the devastating circumstances surrounding Covid-19, more work needs to be done to support and uplift women at the workplace. In recent years, women have succeeded in male-dominated industries such as in tech and finance. Especially here at BSS, we acknowledge the important and enriching impact women have in the professional workspace and empower our female team-members so that they can reach their potentials and goals. In our teams, we motivate, inspire and support each other.

Sadly, on a global scale, women continue to be underrepresented in many workspaces and this needs to change. Therefore, the goal is to empower women and girls to achieve gender equality.

So, let’s celebrate all these amazing women out there.

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