Business Service Solution GmbH has reason to celebrate!

  • 11. November 2022
  • Reason to celebrate

Business Service Solution GmbH has reason to celebrate!

The renowned German company BSS GmbH, which is the name in the payment industry for digital onboarding, KYC, KYB and AMLA-compliant video identification in Germany and Turkey, has reason to celebrate! On Friday, 11.11.2022, BSS celebrated its 10th birthday with a fantastic party in Fürth.

At the same time, with the hiring of Wendy Nichols as CCO on 01.10., there was another important announcement – Wendy is the 100th team member! With Wendy as CCO, the leadership team – with Neslihan Ortakasapbasi as CEO, Taner Ortakasapbasi as CPO, Ulas Arican as CTO and Swen Hansen as CFO – is complete.

Neslihan Ortakasapbasi, who is not only CEO but also the sole owner, is confident about the future: "I am so proud of what our fabulous, diverse team has achieved. With top names from the payment industry in Germany and Turkey, PAYONE GmbH, EVO Payments International, Concardis GmbH, RS2 Zahlungssysteme GmbH, First Cash Solution, American Express and Ozan Payments are among the satisfied customers who appreciate the services of BSS. Now we have expanded our range and from mid-2023 we will offer CaaS (Creditworthiness-as-a-Service) in addition to VaaS (Video-Ident-as-a-Service). This means that our partners can establish the identity and creditworthiness of their customers with one and the same mouse click."

Taner Ortakasapbasi, CPO: "It is like this: We will become the PayPal Express of Identity with our approach. In the future, our customers will be able to offer tailor-made financing offers before making a purchase decision thanks to our scoring system – without having to wait the usual 6 – 8 weeks that are currently associated with the provision of this information".

According to Wendy Nichols, CCO: "We have never been more ready to revolutionize the payments industry and more industries with our innovative approaches." In Q1 2023, more information about the BSS approach, also known as identify24, will be provided.

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