3. November 2020
Is mobile payment becoming part of everyday life?

The electronic form of payment mobile payment, also called m-payment, refers to contactless and cashless payment methods using at least one mobile device. Although cash continues to be the frontrunner in payment options, it's obvious how much the investment in digital payment systems has paid off.

21. October 2020
Which means of payment do young people prefer?

A Schufa survey says that young people aged 16 to 25 increasingly prefer digital payment via banking app and smartphone. Looking ahead, they estimate that digital payment options such as mobile payment and cryptocurrencies will become the dominant payment methods.

7. October 2021
Digitale Identifizierung - Was ist eIDAS?

Without trust in the online world, there is no economic growth and no social development. Nevertheless, due to the lack of trust and the resulting uncertainty, public authorities, citizens and businesses are reluctant to use electronic services. Until now, "analogue" identification can be carried out by comparing a person with an identity card including a certified photograph. This scenario is already known from identity checks by the police.